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ducktv mobile
Kiddo by ducktv

ducktv mobile is perfect to keep your children entertained for a car-ride, a long flight, a wait at a doctor's office or at any place where you have no internet connection or ducktv broadcast available. 

Download for free and try our child-friendly app with 4 free episodes, then subscribe to access more than a hundred ducktv episodes. After subscribing, you can download all available episodes to your device quickly and easily , and store for the duration of the subscription so they can be watched any time. Each month ducktv refreshes about 1/4 of the content.

ducktv mobile offers 1 month (3.70 €), 3 months (7.41 € - only on iOS) and 12 months (11.12 €) auto-renewable subscriptions.

Enjoy ducktv anytime, anywhere!

ducktv mobile on the App Store

 ducktv mobile on Google Play

ducktv mobile on the App Store  ducktv mobile on Google Play

Kiddo by ducktv is an educational game for children under 5, teaching about our daily routines. Depending on when and with which character your baby is playing, (s)he can get to know different morning, noon and evening activities.

The 100% children friendly content with the cute ducktv chatacters and the educational animations will keep your baby entertained for a long time.  The user interface is specifically designed for small kids, provided that they can play on their own. The content (even the help menu) is absolutely text free, huge buttons enable extremely easy navigation to select characters, and animations are played by a single tap anywhere on the screen.

Have lots of fun with Kiddo by ducktv!

Kiddo by ducktv on the App Store   Kiddo by ducktv on Google Play

Kiddo by ducktv   Kiddo by ducktv


BabyLOG by ducktv

BabyLOG by ducktv is an interactive log enabling all pregnant women and new mothers to keep track of everyday routines and how they and their babies change. Beside recording your own data, you can compare them with the results of others and with the recommendations of World Health Organization. You can also get weekly tips on baby care and on your own well-being.

BabyLOG has an online version, and it is also available as a free application in the Apple Store and on Google Play. You can of course synchronize your data with your mobile or tablet application.

Enjoy using BabyLOG!

BabyLOG by ducktv on the App Store   BabyLOG by ducktv on Google Play

babyLOG by ducktv on the App Store   babyLOG by ducktv on Google Play