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ducktv in your country is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Can my baby watch everything on ducktv or shall I check the content?

Content is the most important component for a children's television network. Every show is reviewed by a team of parents and children, as well as child psychologists. Our content is non-violent and has no commercial ads. The visual and social nature of ducktv´s programming is designed to teach your child important concepts while offering amusement and relaxation.

Is the  attendance of parent while kid is watching ducktv important?

dukctv is a family television network and we recommend that parents watch TV with their children. The opportunity to talk with your child about the program being watched gives you a chance to demonstrate similar situations in your home and stimulate conversation. ducktv can be an instrument for joining families together.

What can ducktv offer to the littlest TV viewers?

ducktv offers engaging and entertaining programming to our young viewers and many educational opportunities as well. Our content is not interrupted by any advertisement and is non-violent.

How is ducktv´s programming educational?

ducktv offers many programs to teach your child numbers, shapes, letters and real life situations. TV is a medium that can illustrate these concepts in a way where children learn. Many of our programs are designed to help children develop their cognitive and auditory abilities

How can children develop themselves via watching ducktv?

Watching and understanding television is a complex cognitive activity. Even babies can enjoy and understand television programmes especially when the content is suited to their age. ducktv offers short animations with simple colourful graphic, pure, charming characters and suitable music for little kids.